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- 50 Question Form - TEAM (Updated on 12/9/17)
(Example with Data)
(Scale Explanation)

INDIVIDUAL Spreadsheet

- 50 Question Form - INDIVIDUAL

TEAM Spreadsheet
- 50 Question Form - TEAM
- 50 Question Form - TEAM with INDIVIDUAL TEACHERS
- 50 Question Form - Multiple Choice and Free Response COMBINED

INDIIVIDUAL and TEAM Spreadsheets
- 100 Question Form - INDIVIDUAL
- 100 Question Form - TEAM with INDIVIDUAL TEACHERS

Multiple-Choice   Free Response   Evaluation

Question Difficulty - Criteria to identify the level or difficulty of multiple-choice physics questions
- Physics
- General Science

Do's and Don'ts - Principles of good multiple-choice question writing.

  Question Difficulty - Criteria to identify the level or difficulty of free response questions, open-ended questions and performance assessments.  

Learning Guides and Metacognition - Why review learning targets with stuents.

Grade Scale
- What does a grade mean?

Item Analysis and ZipGrade - What is Discrimination Factor and Test Reliability?

Discrimination Factor - How to interpret the discrimination factor.

Validity - Three validities to consider when evaluating an assessment.

Balanced Evaluation - Instruction vs. Assessment

Degree of Creativity
- Is a sugar cube castle creative?

60 is the NEW 50 - Lowest grade for the first grading period.

Directions how to export and import student names into Team Shake
Importing Spreadsheet for Team Shake

OLD Scaling Spreadsheets
- 50 Points
- 50 Points with Adjustable Failure Break
- 50 Points with Target Correlation
- 100 Points

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Drawing Tools - Circuit Schematics, Graphs, Mechanics Drawings and Four Option MC Graphs