ALL in ONE Directions
Explanation of Spreadsheet Features

Importing Zipgrade Spreadsheet

Adding and Deleting Students

ZipGrade Scaling Spreadsheets
- 50 Question Form - INDIVIDUAL and TEAM (Updated on 11/27/18)
- 100 Question Form - INDIVIDUAL and TEAM (Updated on 8/2/18)
- Example with Data
- Explanation of Scaling Selections
- Explanation of Spreadsheet Features

Mastery Scaling Spreadsheet
Mastery (Updated on 12/13/18)
Mastery with Data

Scaling Spreadsheet
- 100 Question Form (Updated on 1/31/18)
- Example with Data

- 50 Question Form for Google Sheets - INDIVIDUAL and TEAM

- ZipGrade Scaling Spreadsheet
All Item Analsis data is imported under one tab.
- 50 Question Form - INDIVIDUAL and TEAM (Updated on 8/2/18)

OLD Scaling Spreadsheets
The OLD Scaling Spreadsheets have been incorporated into the spreadsheets above.

The grade tallying spreadsheets are the right most tabs titled "50 Free Response" and "100 Free Response".

The target correlation spreadsheet can be found on the far right side of the "Item Analysis" tab.

Directions on how to email your entire class at once.

Multiple-Choice   Free Response   Evaluation

Question Difficulty - Criteria to identify the level or difficulty of multiple-choice physics questions
- Physics
- General Science

Do's and Don'ts - Principles of good multiple-choice question writing.

  Question Difficulty - Criteria to identify the level or difficulty of free response questions, open-ended questions and performance assessments.  

Learning Guides and Metacognition - Why review learning targets with stuents.

Grade Scale
- What does a grade mean?

Item Analysis and ZipGrade - What is Discrimination Factor and Test Reliability?

Discrimination Factor - How to interpret the discrimination factor.

Validity - Three validities to consider when evaluating an assessment.

Balanced Evaluation - Instruction vs. Assessment

Degree of Creativity
- Is a sugar cube castle creative?

60 is the NEW 50 - Lowest grade for the first grading period.

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BACK of Room
SIDE of Room
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Wearing School ID
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8" X 10"
Black and White
20" X 15"
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Copyright Guidelines

- Types of Licenses
- Search the Commons
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- Wikimedia Commons

Team Shake
Directions how to export and import student names into Team Shake
Importing Spreadsheet for Team Shake

Examview Files
Examview Shortcuts
Unlock a PDF
Convert a PDF to Word

Drawing Tools - Circuit Schematics, Graphs, Mechanics Drawings and Four Option MC Graphs

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