Tutorial Websites
Physics Classroom - Tutorials, simulations and more...
Physics Lab - Instructional materials categorized by: introductory, algebra & trig, and calculus
DC Physics - Practice physics problems
A Plus Physics - Practice physics probl
Practice Physics Problems - Sample mathematics, mechanics and electrostatics problems.
Physics Hypertextbook
HyperPhysics - Comprehensive site of physics topics
(AP Physics) Learn AP Physics - Resources for AP Physics 1, 2 and C
(AP Physics)
Torrey Pines Physics - Physics lecture notes and problems

(AP Ph
ysics) The Feynman Lectures on Physics - Stories and exercises from Caltech
(AP Physics) Physics at MIT - Physics lectures, assignments and exams at MIT

oPhysics - Interactive Physics Simulations
Falstad - Advance topic simulations by Paul Falstad

Physics Education Technology - (PhET) - A variety of interactive simulations
Physics Simulations - Simulation links compiled by Dolores Gende
Stopwatch - Timer and stopwatch
Wheel of Choice - Customizable random choice generator

- Short science videos
CassioPeia Project - Collection of videos
Dude Perfect - Collection of sports videos
Julius Sumner Miller - Demonstration in physics
Kurzgesagt - Collection of videos
Minute Physics
- Collection of videos
NBC Learn - Collection of sports videos
Physics Girl - Collection of videos
Real Engineering
- Collection of videos
Sixty Symbols - Collection of videos
Smarter Every Day - Collection of videos
Ted Talks - Collection of videos
Tom Scott - Collection of videos
Veritasium - Collection of videos
2Veritasium - Collection of vi

Facts, Fun and Songs
Physics Factbook - Encyclopedia of essays
Movie Physics
- Movie rating system based on the proper use and understand of physics principles
Physics Songs - Song about physics