Constant Motion
Distance vs. Displacement

Juggling - Fatboy Slim - That Old Pair Of Jeans
Awareness Test
Reaction Time: Game #1 Game #2 Game #3 Spreadsheet #1, Spreadsheet #2
Run or Walk – Is it better to run or walk in the rain?
Motion Concept Map

Position vs. Time Graphs
- Site #1, Select "Lesson 3 - Describing Motion with Position vs. Time Graph"
- Site #2, Select "A. Constant Velocity: Position-Time Graphs"

Changing Motion
Defintion of Acceleration
Toyota 40 to 70 Commercial
Motion Concept Map

Intersection Problem

Velocity vs. Time Graphs
- Site #1, Select "Lesson 4 - Describing Motion with Velocit vs. Time Graph"
- Site #2, Select Topics B - J, Omit E

Graphs of Motion Chart - Constant Acceleration

Vector Checker - Check your homework and create NEW practice problems.
Vector Addtion - Interactive vector addition simulation
Compass Headings - Points of the compass (DO NOT use the drop down menus "Select point of compass or degree")

Newton's Laws
Force and FBDs - Define, Types, FBDs, Rock FBDs
Optional Newton's Laws Assignment
Mass vs. Weight

Elevator Problem
Torque - A Real-Life Application
Newton's Laws Concept Map
Force Concept Map

2D Motion
Projectile Concept Map
What is Force? - Intro to force and FBDs if taught before Newton's Laws
Paper Football - How to make a paper football
Projectile Motion - Interactive projectile motion simulation

UCM and Gravity
UCM Investigation Activity
UCM Vector Investigaton
UCM Intro Game
Gravity Force Lab

Independent Study
- Graphs of Simple Harmonic Motion - SHM
Simulation #1
Simulation #2

Online Textbook Holt Physics Chapter 12 - Vibrations and Waves, Section 1

Loop The Loop – Dunlop Production

Ceiling Fan Cat
Gravity by Josh Turner
Love with Keep Us Together by Captain and Tennille
Gravity Force Lab - Newton's Law of Univeral Graviation
The Big Bang Theory Theme Song by Barenaked Ladies
Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas) They Might Be Giants
The Elements Song by Tom Lehrer
Swing Set - The physics behind your childhood swing set
Pendulum - Explanation and analyis of a Foucault Pendulum

Work and Energy
- Definition and Mathematics of Work
- Calculating the Amount of Work Done by Forces
- Power
John Stapp - Fastest Man on Earth

Roller Coaster Lab Spreadsheet Lab Directions
Fall Semester Review Activity

Semester Exam
Graphs of Motion
Position-Time Graph Velocity-Time Graph Combination Graphs
Site #1
Site #2
Site #3
Site #1
Site #2
Site #3

Site #1
Site #1

Site #2
Site #3
Site #4

Impulse and Momentum
Physics of Comics - Conservation of Momentum
Physics of Comics - Bloopers

Collision Problems Spreadsheet
Thermodynamics Activity

Mechanical Waves
Superposition Practice Spreadsheet
Wave Reflection Spreadsheet
Ripple Tank - Interactive ripple tank simulation
Wave Reflection - Fixed and free end reflection
Standing Waves - Interactive standing waves simulation
Frequency Sweep Test - Produces sound betyween 14 - 40 Hz
Rice Resonance - Rice illustrates the complexity of resonance patterns

Electromagnetic Waves
Electromagnetic Spectrum - Site #1, Site #2, Site #3
Convex and Concave Lenses - Interactive Simulation
Convex and Concave Mirrors - Interactive Simulation
Lenses and Mirrors - Interactive lens and mirror simulation
Color Mixing - Interactive color mixing simulation
Color Checker
Diffraction and Interference - Interactive wave simulation
Optical Illusions and Tricks
Akiyoshi's Illusions
Magic Eye

Electroscope - Interactive electroscope simulation

Electric Field Hockey - Interactive electric field simulataion.
Battery University
- Everything you could ever want to know about batteries.

Lightbulb Flicker - Incandescent Bulb, CFL Bulb
Circuit Construction Lab - Interactive simulations that explores circuits.
Capacitance - Interactive capacitance simulation

Tangent Galvanometer Lab Links
- Part 1 - Magnetic Field Simulation
- Part 2 - Earth's Magnetic Field

- Part 3 - Magnetic Field Around A Current-Carrying Wire
Part 6 - Magnetic Inclination
Right Hand Rule Practice Site #1 Site #
DC Motor Simulation - Explores the direction of current flow and the magnetic force on the motor's armature
Speaker Lab
Tooth Tunes Lab
Frequency Generator
Virtual Keyboard
Physics of Comics - Electricity an Magnetism

Atomic Structure - Mr. Kent's Chemistry Page
Gold Foil Experiment - Interactive simulation of Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment
Photoelectric Effect Activity
Photoelectric Effect - Interactive photoelectric effect simulation
Spectra Activity with Energy Level Diagram

Spectra - Absorption and emission spectra of elements
Imagining the Tenth Dimension

Flatland - A romance of many dimensions
Physics of Comics - Atom's Bloopers
Fission vs. Fusion Activity
Spring Semester Review Activity